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officialCOMMUNITY is a full service,
boutique brand management agency based in Toronto, with business development in New York City, Los Angeles, and London. The company has been specializing in services for global touring artists since 2005.

The company has a team of 16 onsite and 3 remote full-time employees. In-house competencies include the


  • Website development and growth
  • Digital project management
  • Pre-sale & VIP ticketing
  • Physical, digital, and on-demand global e-commerce
  • Marketing, advertising, & analytics
  • Social media
  • Online brand strategy
  • Customer-relationship-management

Operations are motivated by the goal of enhancing the fan experience and converting an
entertainment brand’s following into into a group of direct and loyal customers.


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Over 1 million pre-sale tickets sold since 2005

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Directly processed more than $130 million in transactions to date

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A reach of over 102 million people thus far

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Anti-scalping ticketing system with lower service charges than competitors like

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E-commerce in 101 countries, 4 currencies, and 5 languages

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Canadian, US, and UK-based warehouses and fulfillment

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Only e-commerce provider to sell in the artist’s name

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A team comprised of people with multiple decades of experience in the ____

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Industry-leading forced music bundle services for artists and/or record labels

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Infinite scale, cloud-based technology, and enterprise-class security hosted on
Microsoft Azure

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Great reputation in the industry and close relationships with all concert promoters


officialCOMMUNITY has worked with a diverse and extensive roster of clients, focusing on
relationships with established touring music brands, including arena-level artists, such as
those mentioned below.


lylelovett davidgray

Business Strategy

The online business model and infrastructure supplied by officialCOMMUNITY is one that
goes beyond what’s visible on an artist’s web presence. The company’s team understand
how to create a back end for an online brand so that it is successful (i.e. offering accessible
content, unique delivery, appealing graphics, usable interface, etc.).

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Artist-Branded Pre-Sale Ticketing

Working alongside existing website stakeholders, officialCOMMUNITY can deploy its
proprietary artist-branded ticketing platform on a logical sub-domain of
, becoming a seamless part of the existing web presence.



VIP services

With officialCOMMUNITY’s ticketing platform and pre-sale program in-place, VIP package
are a natural add-on for the artist and fans. VIP packages with or without tickets can
be made available alongside pre-sale tickets during the pre-sale window and perpetually on
the site until final days leading up to each show date.

The company’s ticketing team handles the sale, settlement, customer service, and
logistics, coordinating seamlessly with the tour-provided VIP liaison on the road and
with the VIP customers.


Monetizing Web Presence


officialCOMMUNITY can deliver Tool an ‘always on’, world-class web presence that is self-
and profitable. Heightened web presence also involves creating an online
community between fans
, as well as connecting them to the artist; this is achieved through
items like artist news pages, a mailing list, a fan club, etc.

The online business will support the offline business of recording and touring by taking
care of the fans directly. It can also deliver real revenue to return a significant profit,
especially when participating in high margin revenue lines.


Retail Services

Similar to the process for pre-sale ticketing, officialCOMMUNITY can create an artist-
branded retail platform
on a logical sub-domain of, adding to the
current site and promoting the artist brand through merchandise like apparel, collectibles,
music (deluxe albums, live recordings, and more), and affiliated products.

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Modern, responsive, artist-branded platform & transaction

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Multiple warehouses in the US, Canada and UK

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High-touch cross-channel customer service via email, social media, and telephone

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True multi-currency with transactions conducted in CAD, USD, GBP, and EUR

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Out-of-the-box print-on-demand functionality

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Detailed business and product intelligence powered by Microsoft BI & Google

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Global fulfillment

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Music catalogue sold direct from distribution eliminating inventory demands

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In-house partners for ongoing marketing & product development


Social Media Marketing Services

Social Media

As part of officialCOMMUNITY’s overarching array of services, the company is able to
engage in the planning, execution and management of an ongoing social media content
and posting strategy
, helping transform artist content into share-worthy social media
, custom tailored to the unique requirements of each channel, maximizing their
impact and life-cycle.


Music Redemptions and Bundles

officialCOMMUNITY is a leader in the industry in offering consumers music that
accompanies a ticket purchase to an artist’s concert. An automatic “ticket lift” of a few
dollars (generally between $2 and $6) on top of the ticket face value gets concert
attendees a copy of the artist’s album
. This process also makes the sales chart-eligible,
a rarity in the music industry nowadays. Music redemptions (also called bundles) can be
offered in CD or digital download format, and allotted to individual tickets, pairs, or total
orders. All customer service for this is managed in-house by officialCOMMUNITY’s
dedicated team.

Since 2016, these have been organized and executed for almost 200 artists, not to mention
major record labels like Concord Music Group, Warner and Sony.

maggie rogers

Revenue Model

Upfront Maintenance Customer Service Revenue



  • No risk
  • $0 cost to set up and administer
  • Flexibility to engage any of officialCOMMUNITY’s services, either a-la-carte or
    comprehensively, at any time
  • Boutique experience, involved and intense service
  • Access to an array of competencies at the cross-roads of technology, e-commerce, and
  • Only fully white-labeled e-commerce provider in the industry allowing the artists to
    own the customer relationship with their most ardent fans
  • Trust based on over 16 years experience for major global brands
  • Ideal setup model during the off-cycle period, giving time to position and optimize
    setup before high activity begins

Support the band.
Grow the brand.
Have a marketing plan.
Reward the fans.

What can officialCOMMUNITY do for Tool?

Kevin Leflar, President
[email protected]
+1 (416) 469-1866 X 225