Good, Pinsent & Keelor: Down And Out In Upalong

TeleSoul Records / Warner Music Canada


Produced By

The Silver Seeds

All Songs by

Travis Good, Gordon Pinsent, Greg Keelor

Arrangements on "Let Go" and "Seagrass" by Bryden Baird.

Boy of fiction, future wise
I can’t see tomorrow in your eyes
Got no more rights, got no more say
So maybe you should think of movin’ on today

Where’s your glory, where’s your gold
Truth is you’ve been runnin’ hot and cold
No one’s askin’ you to stay
So it looks like you’d be better off down your way

Down and out in Upalong
Got no story, Got no song
Down and out in Upalong
Comin’ back to you where I can do no wrong

Grey dogs howlin’ in the wind
Devil’s hidin’ somewhere in my skin
Dyin’ don’t come easy here
But tears are used for cryin’ just like anywhere.

Don’t know why I thought I knew
There would be another just like you
Couldn’t find your special smile
And lovin’ you got better by the country mile

Down and out in Upalong
Got no story. Got no song
Down and out in Upalong
Comin’ back to you where I can do no wrong
She's Gone Again
I know before I reach the door
of our apartment, second floor
A fever startin’ in my head
tells me I’ll find an empty bed
She’s gone again!!!

Lovin’ her was such a breeze
Losin’ her ain’t gettin’ easier
than any time before
I know just what I got in store,
She’s gone again!!!

Damned if she ain’t gone again! Broke the chain!
Pulled the switch and stopped the train! I must complain!

‘Cause dammit girl, we had a deal
What makes you think our love ain’t real
And who the hell gave you the right
to split from me in the dead of night
I’m lonely now!!!

I did my share of give and take
It ain’t so easy on the make
I find it hard to see why she
would choose the rain instead of me
She’s off again!!!

Damned if she ain’t gone again! Burnt the rope!
If sailor’s knots and locks don’t work, there ain’t no hope.

But one thing that she didn’t know
I had definite plans to let her go
on her ninety-seventh birthday
But I guess she didn’t want to stay
And left again.

I guess she didn’t want to play..
She’s gone again!!!
Cooked her last turkey!
Poured her last beer!
Made her last bed!

And dried her last tear!!!
Desperate Thing
It’s a desperate thing without a name
It’s not a dream and it ain’t no game
Could be bad, could be good,
it can’t be seen, but it’s understood
A desperate thing has taken flight
Don’t come out of your house tonight
‘Cause it ain’t fussy, it got no qualms
It got nothing but perfume on
It just wants in to sit a bit
It feels no pain, and it don’t bleed
Call it fate if it’s fate you need
It’s a desperate thing, no reason nor rhyme
Could’ve been dead for a long long time
One thing certain and it’s a fact
If you kiss it, it’ll kiss you back
It’s a desperate thing movin’ through town
And hittin’ on everyone around
It don’t much care who it cottens to
So don’t come out or it’ll be you
No sense closin’ windows and doors
If it wants you, like I said before
It’s a desperate thing that comes and begs
This thing got no arms or legs
It’s got this habit, it won’t give in
When it’s got you, it’ll start again
It don’t much care if you’re old or young
There ain’t a song it hasn’t sung
It’s a desperate thing, bit like a witch
snaggin’ the poor, snaggin’ the rich
A desperate thing is out tonight
If you can’t sleep it’ll be all right
‘Cause it’s got something twice as good
Maybe you shouldn’t, maybe you should.
Don’t ask me ‘cause I’ve been bad
The desperate thing took all I had
There’s no more anything in my tank
and the desperate thing is the one to thank
Maybe you shouldn’t, maybe you should
Don’t ask me. She got me good.
Peter Easton
Only I and I was born
to sail the boat below me
Blow ye winds to Carbonear
where gentle ladies know me
Constant are their loving ways
where hearts of mine are dwelling
and riches far beyond your dreams
in eyes that are not telling.

Peter Easton is the name they gave to me
Jolly Peter Easton who sails the Barnaby
If any man thinks he can take the eastern seas from me
Say the Devil and Peter Easton are the very men to see.

They’ll tell you only three men
saw the colour of my eyes
And all but one, a Parson’s son
are sailing in the sky
I live in shadows where
the Devil’s very own are growing
and no man knows from whence I come
nor knows where I am going

Peter Easton etc.

Only I and I will know
the hour I come a-stealing
Blown to ye on hellish winds
that sound like dead men wailing
I’ll seek and find ye everyone
when least I am expected
And honest men will know
when Pater Easton’s resurrected.
Let Go
Let go music so I can sleep
Let go
And let go beauty of the loving kind
I had held so dear
at another time
Let go.

Let go voices I knew so well
Let go
And let go fame that was so fleeting too
And the sweet sweet pain of loving you
Let go

Isn’t it enough that we had it all
More of the same will bring more pain
Let go now before the curtain call
Or I’ll leave you and that I cannot bear to do

Go now and I’ll close my eyes
Go now
Go now love while you are so inclined
don’t pretend and don’t be kind
Let go.

Go now.

Let go.
Easy Ridge
I spent a day on Easy Ridge
Not nearly long enough for me
and with myself, I waited
for the light I used to know
so I could see.

I need no rock to rest upon
I need not be at home on time
No need to sing my distant song
in any other tune but mine

Confusing how my childhood
comes around again and round again
And no amount of strangers now
Can know what I had then

I’ll know when I am somewhere near
When I can see her face and then
I’ll spend a day on Easy Ridge
And never will again.
Old Part Of Town
Take me to the old part of town
And lay me down
I’ve seen what I wanted to see
I’ve been around
I can’t see the sun where I am
Did they take it down?
I hear they’re singin’ all night long
In the old part of town.

I know a road was here somewhere
An old guy said it was under here
I have to find it soon because
A young guy said it never was…
Never was…

Try and find the old part of town
don’t let me down
Save me a few old sights
and a few old sounds
Someone there should know me
If they’re still above ground
you’ll find them dancin’ all night
you’ll find them playin’ all night
you’ll find them singin’ all night
In the old part of town.
Super Chicken
Night Light
Night light
Lonesome night light
Ask the night light what I do
Pink or
Blue or white light
Ask the night light to tell you

How they passed each other on the stairs
Some in a daze and some ashamed
Love in shambles, love in tears
Some even glad they came.

Ten rings
Mostly cheap things
From my night flings and forays
Four score
Forty more score
Looking for more fun and games

Passing each other on the stairs
Young going up, old coming down
Some destructive some in tears
Leaving without a sound.

Night light
ask the night light
Is the time right to disappear
I want someone
Who knows someone
To tell someone I’m not here.
Where the seagrass lay on the way to the Cod
I saw an old skeleton praying to God

Watch over Vera, she’s all that I had
She and the dog down in old Port du Grave

On the seagrass darling, on the seagrass
I think of you often down on the seagrass…

Wonderful funny how time has gone by
since Vera came running with tears in her eye:
‘Don’t go, dearest Martin! Don’t leave me,’ cried she
‘I’ll make ye fine sons, if ye’ll bide home with me.’

But I can’t Dearest Vera, for on the seagrass,
You’re only a whisper down on the seagrass.

Here have I sunken, and here will I stay
where the Skinners and Crawleys and Houlihans play,
I’ll do all, dearest Vera, your dear heart doth ask
but my brothers are calling down on the seagrass.

On the seagrass, darling, on the seagrass
I’m at peace ever after, down on the seagrass.

Don’t think of me heartless, don’t think of me cruel
but I’ve oft dearly wanted to play me the fool.
Have over a sweetheart, have one, two, or three
I’ll adore ye no less if I’d bid home with ye…

For I promise ye darling, down on the seagrass
I’ll toast to your children, down on the seagrass…

But now and again as the fish float on by
I’ll sit down and have me a bloody good cry
and still will remember, will hear our sweet song
down on the seagrass where we sailors belong…

On the seagrass darling, on the seagrass…
We’ll sing the song nightly, down on the seagrass!…
Shadows In The Sun
They have left us their tomorrows
Bore their pain and drowned their sorrow
Piled up legends everyone
And left their shadows in the sun

Surnames few but Christian many
Shining boys and girls were plenty
Strong and weak and old and young
Left their shadows in the sun.

Were they here or were they never
Joined their hands and went together
down the highway everyone
but left their shadows in the sun.

Leaving half a cord of firewood
Closing doors upon their childhood
Leaving broken baby chairs
and family shadows on the stairs

They met their love will meet no other
Saw their face in sister, brother
memories rich and memories poor
More than proud men should endure

Were they here or were they never
Joined their hands and went together
Down the highway everyone
But some left shadows in the sun.