Greg Keelor – Seven Songs For Jim

Warner Music Canada


Release Date

March 15, 2005

All Songs By

Greg Keelor

  • 1
    Silver Sun
    Silver sun
    In a grey marble sky
    Last night’s snow
    Make the hills shine

    I would give anything
    Just to be with you now
    Somewhere beyond the distance
    Of your cloudy eye
    Beyond grey sky

    Early morning
    Just before sunrise
    You always said
    That was your favorite time

    Is this world
    Just a dream decided
    Nothing to guide it
    It just rolls
    Like a river to the sea
    Dew drop slips in
    To the shinning sea
  • 2
    I Will Follow
    Time takes her toll
    She’s that thoughtless river
    She’s like blackened silver
    Like beaten gold
    And all that’s given
    Will one day be taken
    All that now belongs
    Will sooner or later
    Be forsaken
    But when you fade
    Back behind the shadow
    I will follow

    Pay no attention to life’s dark companion
    It’s just another painted ship on a painted ocean
    And your love burns
    Like arrows shot from exploding suns
    And rivers of flaming doves
    When the heart is pierced by the thorn
    And when you fade
    Back behind the shadow
    I will follow
    Where today meets tomorrow
    I will follow
  • 3
    Morning Dove
    There are moments out of time
    Beyond the mountains
    Before the wind
    That’s where you begin

    What I know, it comes & goes
    Like the summer sun
    And the winter snow
    Like a man with nothing to prove
    Like the song of a morning dove

    I’ll let the wind
    Choose my direction
    Down the back roads through the ghost towns
    There’ll be no looking back
    Your eyes are my map
    No looking back
  • 4
    Deep Bay Road
    It was as far as I was allowed to go
    The big rocks down by the deep bay road
    You’d be driving from Montreal
    In your big white company car
    I was so excited had to get as close as I could
    So I walked out into the edge of my world

    With every year the world got a little larger
    Past the dam, past the fire tower
    And there I’d be just waiting for you
    Lying in the cool green moss
    And my ears were pinned
    Listening to the sound of the leaves and the wind
    And the buzz of electricity and time

    Howling high up on the power lines
    And somewhere way out there
    A distant sound to behold
    Of your wheels coming down the road
    I don’t remember when all this came to pass
    Back when I thought all things would last
    Now it’s your hands I remember best
    Folded gently upon your chest
    Your old rosary around your neck
    Oh dear Mary pray for us sinners
    Now and at the hour of our death
  • 5
    Are You Ready
  • 6
    Just This Love
    In your room filled with the smoke
    Of your never ending cigarettes
    The stench of whiskey on your breath
    I wish I could say that I’ll remember everything you said today
    But I know that I’ll forget
    Yes, I’ll forget

    And the sands of time like rivers of gold
    Pour through your mind
    Eyes as sad as only the widow knows
    Skin as soft as a summer rose
    Cause you & I have no regrets
    There’s just this love
    You search the earth for that pearl of truth
    It’s just this love

    So my tears on this empty wind
    And my prayers and my sins
    Like the silence on this wall
    And the outlines burned into my soul
    And I stand alone in your room for the very last time
    And I’m not yet sure if I understand what I’m leaving behind
    Cause you & I have no regrets
    There’s just this love
    You search the earth for that pearl of truth
    It’s just this love
  • 7
    Ocean Of Sorrow
    I said I’d pay the price no matter what the cost
    But now I don’t know just what I’ve lost
    I seem to be at quite a loss
    It’s like all the stars up in heaven
    And the dreams that come with them
    Have vanished
    Like my place in your heart
    Faded away into some distance dark
    I don’t know where I should start
    Because this ocean of sorrow
    Is much more than I planned for

    I was hoping the band would play a little longer
    Dreaming of words of unimaginable wonder
    I saw it all in a snowflake splendor
    But all my dreams have been shattered
    And now nothing else matters

    Yes, I know my way to the door
    Across this ocean of sorrow
    And this barroom floor
    Through all my tomorrows and never more
    Cause all that I love in this world is passing
    So I’ll exit laughing

    But it takes forever and a day
    To cross that bridge over the Milky Way