Jim Cuddy Issues Statement in Support of Neil Young

January 17, 2014


It seems like some clarification of my position is needed here. It bothers me that the good people of Fort Mac feel insulted or blindsided by my comments. Please understand I am not against the oil sands. Like most people I rely on oil products in my life. I am against expansion that does not go hand in hand with environmental protection. I believe it is possible to have an oil industry and clean air and water. I believe the people of Fort Mac, whether they work in the industry or not, deserve to be protected from unnecessary pollutants resulting from the extraction of oil. It can be done. I have great respect for all the folks up there temporary or permanent and we had one of the most memorable shows of the tour there last week. We need to have this dialogue for the betterment of all.

Thank you.

Jim Cuddy

I believe that Neil Young is brave and articulate and very well informed about the oil sands.

Right now, Canada is at a crossroads between economics and the environment and we need to make a very, very brave choice. How much revenue are we willing to sacrifice to ensure that we have clean water, clean air and good health for the people and the planet?

To clarify, I was asked about the town of Fort McMurray, not the oil sands. My comments regarding the exaggeration of the conditions there were about Fort McMurray. The oil sands are as visually grotesque as described. Fort McMurray, on the other hand, is a thriving town whose people are directly affected by the issue of the expansion of the oil sands.

This is not a trivial issue and it is not a time for the media to do anything but provide clarity. This is an issue that is vital to all of our best interests. It is essential that we have an open dialogue about it and we force our government to listen.

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